My Fullnames are Ewuola Olatunde Ajibayo, i'm a Fullstack Web application Developer and Software Developer born and bred in the city of Lagos Nigeria. i am motivated, responsible, inovative and resillent driven by the need to find solutions to customer needs thus, helping whatever orgaisation i find myself to grow. i have a methodical customer focused approach to work and a strong drive to see things through to completion.

I am an autodidact, facinated about technology in general from the Internet of things to Artificial inteligence to Augumented and Virtual reality to Computer vision to Robotics.

My skills set include web design and development, User interface and experience designs (UI/UX), graphic design and development, database management, Human Resource and IT consultant services, customer service, sales, digital marketing, Product Design and Development, 2D Animation Marketing, Content Developmentt & More.

I dont like to define myself by what i have done instead i prefare to define myself by what i want to do. skills can be taught, personality is inherent. i prefare to keep learning, challenging myself and keep getting better at interesting things that matter.

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